Faculty of Dentistry

The Faculty of Dentistry at the Private University of Kalamoon was established in 2004, and in the beginning it was affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine.

The Faculty of Dentistry was one of the first private faculties which adopted the system of credit hours in Syria.

In early 2006, the faculty had an independent administrative structure so that equipping clinics and laboratories began. We started to employ a group of prominent teaching staff members from our country. Due to the accumulation of administrative experience and development achievements, an outpatient office was established inside the faculty to provide students with appropriate cases under direct supervision by outstanding supervisors saving students’ time and efforts and ensuring the best dental treatments for patients.

In the beginning, the study plan adopted teaching in English since our courses were based on the latest international references. Thus, the faculty received a big number of students including Syrians coming from all the cities across the country and Arabs living the world over.

In 2009, the first batch of students graduated. Over years, the number of alumni started to increase. After graduation, students go back to their countries having comprehensive knowledge the prestigious University of Kalamoon made available for them. And when they get into the labour market, they outshine others. We are proud of them, and they are proud of the University stressing that: “The University of Kalamoon is the beacon of knowledge.”