Faculty of Pharmacy

According to a proposal from the Faculty of Pharmacy Council, the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Private University of Kalamoon awards BSc in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry after studying for 5 years. The student is required to complete 175 credit hours in addition to 10 credit hours in the internships course equivalent to 500 hours of going into real practice in pharmacies, medical laboratories and pharmaceutical factories to get the degree of the required specialty.

Within the framework of the faculty’s permanent endeavors and continuous interest to complete and develop the educational process and ensuring the latest technology and sophisticated devices, the faculty equipped its laboratories with (high-performance liquid chromatography “HPLC”, Kymograph devices, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay device “ELISA”, “PCR” device to do genetic tests, and devices of pressing and coating all types of tablets.)

Furthermore, the faculty has put the cornerstone of a scientific research laboratory entitled “Laboratory of Extraordinary Devices” which contains hi-tech devices necessary for carrying out scientific research and a freezer to save biotic samples. All of that comes in the framework of a plan to establish a bank for such samples.