Faculty of International Relations

The Faculty of Diplomatic Science and International Relations at the University of Kalamoon is the first in Syria which offers academic and specialized courses in diplomatic science and international relations. In this context, the faculty seeks to graduate human resources who are academically and practically qualified to work in the service of our society and homeland both locally and abroad. Graduates should be able to defend national causes and interests, duly represent the state in diplomatic and international relations, strive for the fulfillment of national and ban-national goals and work for various international organizations.

The faculty uses the credit-hour system. The bachelor program consists of /132/ credit hours distributed over a minimum of four and a maximum of seven academic years with two mandatory semesters and an optional summer term. The syllabus includes two discrete pathways: international relations and diplomatic sciences.

The syllabus involves mandatory and optional courses which enable students to choose –within their field of study- the courses suitable for their tendencies and academic abilities. This opens up new horizons for scientific research in the future. Further, students are required to submit a graduation research (graduation project) addressing an original topic based on the academic content which they have studied in the faculty under the supervision of a faculty teaching staff member. The student would then be examined before an academic panel in an open discussion in light of which they are assessed.

A student who accomplishes /132/ credit hours with a ‘pass’ grade or above receives a bachelor’s degree in diplomatic science and international relations. The granted degree is duly certified and equivalent to degrees granted by public universities in Syria.