University Requirements Unit

About the Requirements Unit/ the new website of the University (Paragraph: glimpse at the University)

The University Requirements Unit is a basic pillar of the University of Kalamoon that receives the students of all faculties and seeks to prepare them for studying the major at their faculties particularly because the university study has been a paradigm shift in the student’s life. This requires preparation and qualification that elevate thinking skills and culture in the humanities, digital (electronic) learning and physical fitness.

Technology is available there in teaching the University requirements. So, for teaching English, two English language labs are employed and each contains a modern network of computers connected to the teacher’s main computer which enables the students to communicate with various programmes for explaining glossary and terminology; and to use the new presentation programmes and I-Pad in addition to the curriculum website for solving the exercises of the scheduled lesson.

The Requirements Unit is interested in learning by practice, so it organizes learning and educating student activities such as: contests in literary and scientific writing (short story, poetry stanza “Al-Kalamoon Poet”, literary thought, scientific essay, etc.) in addition to the evenings of (polemic poetry, drama scenes, debates, reciting selected poems…). This will contribute to the refining of students’ writing tools and promoting their creative talents and language, besides a set of events provided by the Unit in line with empowering the Arabic language such as the general lectures and seminars which host thinkers and linguists and aim at tackling some of the Arabic language problems.

As the University of Kalamoon has been keen to establish its structure on solid foundations keeping up with the spirit and requirement of modernity; and to provide the society with cadres of balanced personalities enjoying the three elements of culture where scientific and humanitarian disciplines along with the inspiration of world universities experiences are interconnected; the University established the university Requirements Unit look after this important cognitive aspect and coordinate its affairs and requisites.