Events and Activities
The UOK pays special and close attention to academic, social, and cultural events and has actively been involved in organizing a plethora of events and activities.

Most outstanding among such activities were:

  • Sponsoring and hosting specialized seminars and symposia, marked by international, regional, and local participation and attendance
  • Organizing and hosting year-round (including summer) lectures, seminars, and debates on various academic, cultural, economic, political, diplomatic, and educational issues, as well as inviting local and international lecturers and participants
  • Hosting delegates from European, international, and Arab universities
  • Holding cultural, artistic, entertaining events and gatherings, as well as sports competitions, and contests with local and Arab participants
  • Organizing and participating in scientific and artistic fairs, such as the exhibitions held by the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Arranging field trips to various Arab and foreign countries
  • Holding periodic activities, such as UoK’s Academic Monday
  • Signing student exchange agreements with several international universities

The University has recently established an alumni society with the aim of maintaining close bonds with graduates including helping them find employment opportunities and training facilities at a number of international universities. Here is a list of the activities organized by the University during the past two years:-
  • Holding international conferences and specialized scientific symposia in the fields of medical sciences, engineering, administration and diplomacy including the following :
  1. The First International Conference on Pharmaceutical Pedagogy and Practice at the university.
  2. First Scientific Conference, Faculty of Health Sciences, Prostodontics Department.
  3. International Competition Conference.
  4. A symposium on the U N Convention with the participation of U N delegates.
  5. A symposium on HIV on the occasion of the International  Day on AIDES
  6. A symposium entitled: Hospital Planning and Administration
  7. A lecture entitled “GLOBAL OUT “, in addition to several other symposia and lectures listed in the College Activity Yearbooks.
  8. Holding the scientific days for the university faculties including: The four Scientific Days of the Faculty of Pharmacy, The First and Second Scientific Days of the Faculty of Dentistry , the scientific days of the faculties of Engineering, Applied Sciences, Business and Management, Diplomatic Science and International Relations

  • Concluding a number of student-exchange agreements with international and Arab universities as well as organizing training courses, scientific trips and visits to a number of Arab and foreign countries.
  • Hosting experts, intellectuals, men of letters and researchers for delivering scientific and cultural lectures. Among these were:-
  1. Dr Usama Al-Ansary who delivered a lecture entitled “ The Global Financial Crisis”
  2. the Arab Thinker Azmi Bshara who delivered a lecture entitled :”Global Changes and the Arab Status”
  3. Mr. Kareem Bakradoony  a lecture entitled :” What then…?”
  4. Patriarch Ugnastius Hazeem 4th  and Mr. Michael Samaha on the situation in the area
  5. Dr Ahmad Barkawi : “ The Palestinian Issue between History and Ideology”
  6. Dr Mohammad Rateb Al-Nabulsi
  7. Dr Tawfeek Ramada Al-Bouty
  8. and others.
In the field of art and cultural activities, the university has participated in a number of international and local cultural competitions. It has also hosted a delegation of women of letters from all Arab countries who participated in the activities of “Damascus, The Capital of Arab Culture”. The university has also organized several celebrations including:  ’ First Students Celebration”. It has also hosted a number of actors and artists including Musician Nahil Halabi  , as well as the cast of the TV serial “ Not a Phantom “   ليس سرابا     , actor Andreh Skaf . The University has moreover organized several concerts at the Kalamoon Theatre  including one by the Syria Symphony Band , and another by the distinguished Syrian Singer Sabah Fakhri and the singer Milhem Zein . Last but not least was the Graduation Ceremony for the First and Second Generation of graduates.
In the field of sports, the University sponsored and hosted a number of international and local games, such as fencing, arc and bow, and grass hockey, such games being a monopoly for the university at the level of the country. The university clubs also organized a number of University competitions for the different sports; it has also sponsored and hosted a number of local and Arab competitions including: the 4th Kalamooniad, and the 15th Arab Cycling Championship  . The University also participated in the Cycling Championship on the occasion of the International Environment Day, and participated in the Arab Fencing Championship at Deirattia Sporting Club.