Student Activities
The University has now about twenty clubs whose activities cover a wide range of educational, artistic, health, social, athletic, scientific and media (in addition to a number of clubs and committees specialized in every one of these fields).Recently the University established the Outstanding Students Club.
Hence, the decision to integrate student activities, in the form of clubs, in the University's curriculum and to allocate credit hours to them. The clubs work under a bylaw that draws their scheme work and methodology. Student Clubs Council directly supervises all student clubs. It, in turns, represents the students through its board which, in most, includes elected students, with the presence of some members of the teaching and administrative staff.
Bearing the above in mind, the UoK attaches special importance to student social and academic activities, as it believes in the role of such organized events in channeling students physically, mentally and spiritually in order to attribute positively to themselves, their University, their culture, their country and the universe surrounding them. Moreover, these activities help in the cultural and scientific integration process which balances academic study and "extracurricular" activities, the thing that may help bring out hidden skills and talents.
Student activities play a vital role in the University’s academic life, contributing positively to the building of an educated, cognizant and independent student character, not to mention the fact that they develop responsibility and enhance group integrity and voluntary work, thus creating an intimate atmosphere of love and understanding among the University staff.

The students themselves establish and head Student Clubs through the board of each club and with the presence of an academic supervisor and another specialized one.
Student Activities Centre (on campus):
Student Activities Centre has room for the following:

Artistic, Social and Cultural Activities Hall
In-door Sports Hall (containing playgrounds for basketball, volleyball, table-tennis, billiards, snooker and handball)
Physical Fitness and Aerobics Hall
Outdoor sports playgrounds for basketball, handball and ground tennis

The centre also has a cafeteria for fast food.

The University has a variety of student activities including the organization of and participation in several occasions including:-
  • University and Students parties the most celebrated of which was the Teachers’ Oscar 2009, A Damascene Evening organized to celebrate the visiting Dutch students from the University of Amsterdam and which included recreation shows that displayed Syrian traditions. It also included a party which honored students who won the “UNISCO Competition for Short films” held at the University auditorium. It also included a party in honor of the Champion of the Funniest Video Competition. In addition to and Acquaintance Meeting that gathered all University Clubs under the motto: Kalamoon Got Talent.

  • A number of dramas were performed on the University auditorium such as “The Shoe” and others performed at the Culture Palace Theatre at Deir Atieh such as FILTER”. Other dramas were attended by students at Damascus theatres such as “ TACTIC” performed on the Hamra Theatre in Damascus and “YOU CANNOT TAKE IT WITH YIOU” perfumed on the Youth City Club in Damascus and the film “SILINA “ at Damascus Cinema and others.

  • Organizing a number of concerts on the Open Kalamoon Theatre on campus and on the Culture Palace Theatre at Deir Atieh, in addition to several evenings, concerts and entertainment shows organized by the University Students Clubs on and off campus such as the performance of “ANALLUCIA” on the Cultural Place Theatre at Deir Atieh . On another occasion the celebrity Singer Julia Botros gave a singing party on the Damascus Castle Theatre. In addition there was a concert by the Syrian Symphony Group on the Omayyad Place for conferences, another for classical opera singing at Al-Assad ……… as well as a show by Anana Singing Group entitled “ Saqar Qureich صقر قريش " in Damascus. The Music Club also played melodious songs on the occasion of honoring the distinguished students at the University of Kalmoon at Damascus Sheraton Hotel.

  • Drawing ,paining and plastic arts galleries ( one gallery by Artist Flada Mlinik , Sameer Kroutbi , Sara Shamma, and Amer Moughrabi) in addition to galleries by the university students.

Student Cultural Contests such as “Kalamoon Poet شاعر القلمون” performed by 33 students from the different faculties in addition to educational contests held every year during the month of Ramadan.

Camping and cultural and entrtainment trips including (The entertainment camp under the motto: “Together for the Sake of Humanity“. “ The second trip to Check Republic , Trip to Beirut, a visit to Damascene Village at the Damascus Countryside, and a trip to the Funfair “ The Happy Land” , The National Camping Expedition for the UOK students at Tartous , a trip to the Syrian Coast and others, etc.

Hosting a number of Syrian actors such as the celebrity actor Doreid Lahham, Andre Scaff and the Cast of the TV Serial: “Not a Phantom ليس سرابا “, and other activities.

The University has now about twenty clubs whose activities cover a wide range of educational, artistic, health, social, athletic, scientific and media (in addition to a number of clubs and committees specialized in every one of these fields).

The clubs are:

  • Sports Club
  • Drama Club
  • Music Club
  • Plastic Art Club
  • Social Club
  • Spot Light Club
  • Movies Club
  • Cultural Club
  • Health Club
  • Environment and Life Club
  • Photography Club
  • Astronomy Club