Kalamoon and Deirattiah

Deirattiah, a Deep-rooted History, and a Shining Present

With a population of approximately 22000 inhabitants, Deirattiah is comfortably located in region, in Damascus Countryside Governate or muhafaza, on the international highway midway between Damascus and Homs, at an average altitude of 1250 meters. This location made the town of Deirattiah a significant crossroad junction between east and west, north and south.

Deirattiah…… Continuous revival

Deirattiah has passed through many successive revival stages, sometimes accompanied not only with positive circumstances, but also challenges. However, patience and perseverance were the permanent trait of this city described rightly as "The miracle of the creative man".

Deirattiah has witnessed three stages of revival.

First Revival

The early history of Deirattiah was synonymous with the construction revival that prevailed across Greater Syria after the liberation of Jerusalem at the hands of Saladdin Al-Ayoubi and then, an Ayoubi family settled down in it, headed by a lady called Saleha Khatoun, the daughter of one of the senior commanders of Saladdin.

Saleha Khatoun was the initiator of Deirattiah’s first revival. She restored the river canal and established a sophisticated but rare irrigation system, and then she moved to building houses for the people she brought along with her from different parts of the region.

Second Revival

It started at the last quarter of the 19th Century, and continued until the sixties of 20th century, characterized by its cultural, economic, and social aspects. Missionary schools were built for various foreign missions, on the model of the missionary schools set up in Lebanon, using Arabic as a medium of instruction, and introducing foreign languages needed by the respective schools. This had coincided with active emigration of the inhabitants of the village to the New World, and particularly to South America, and subsequent modernization and expansion of building and agriculture at the hands of returning emigrants.

Third Revival

This revival started in 1982, and is still going on*, and one may say that this revival is qualitative, in that it aimed to confront the challenges emerging as a result of the dry climate, and river water depletion, as being the village's vital artery. To mention but a few of the countless contributions covering all aspects of agricultural, cultural, economic, social, and construction activities, one can cite the early features of this revival, which included forestation, and cultivation of fruit trees and pastoral land at the town’s mountain, its surroundings and streets. It also included digging deep wells, building surface dams, which helped transforming flood water courses into forests and gardens. At this revival era, a large expansion in construction took place, marked by establishing new, modern and illuminated streets. Perhaps the most interesting and exciting aspect of this revival is the establishment of high standard public service facilities, including Al-Bassel hospital (provided with most modern medical devices), a museum, a palace of culture, sports city, a public bath, a senior citizens house and a disabled house which is currently under construction in addition to other establishments.

In regards to the socio-economic field, a remarkable change has taken place relying on the funds generated from repatriates in the Gulf region.

Establishing of the University of Kalamoon in 2003 came to crown these significant developments. There are strong indicators that affirm that this hallmark educational edifice through the dedicated and devoted contribution of all the sincere people will mark the beginning of a magnificent revival for the new generations


* This new revival was triggered off by an appeal addressed by the dedicated son of Deirattiah Mohammad Dib Daaboul (Abu Salim Dabboul) to the local community of his hometown calling them to rise and join hands to face the challenges of draught . He has devotedly led the revival process towards achieving new objectives that have now become deep-rooted realities ever aspiring to reach new heights of glory and advancement