University Of Kalamoon

The University of Kalamoon, the first private university in Syria, was founded as per a cultural and social perspective which trusts the idea of ​​national investment to meet the requirements of sustainable human development. The University seeks to achieve the quality standards of education, commit to the values ​​of integrity and transparency, establish scientific relations with the international academic institutions and create a favorable environment for post-graduate studies and scientific research. Furthermore, the University is seeking to play a vital role in the development of community healthily, socially, culturally and economically. As far as education is concerned, the University is keen on achieving the highest education requirements, laying the foundations of scientific and critical thinking, developing students' creative abilities, paying attention to their constructive activities, promoting a culture of respect for diversity and pluralism and linking learning outcomes with the needs of labour market and development. The University is also interested in self resources development which allows the development of the University to continue.