University Of Kalamoon


President of the University:

Dr. Said Younes


Together we achieve success and excellence…



It is my pleasure to congratulate you on the beginning of the new academic year sending my warm greetings as well as honest wishes to achieve both the success and excellence that we make together.

There is no such lofty mission as spreading knowledge and teaching. Teaching is the way to upgrade nations and create a setting where individuals and societies enjoy a whole world of permanent security and prosperity. What a happy event it is; a generation of students in their prime with theirfamilies looking with hope towards the flourishing future of their sons and daughters,accompanying them to campus to celebrate their brand new day and embark on an academic journeyto beequipped with knowledge-basedexpertise and toutilize their potential creatively. It is such a great mission that no university can undertake but an ambitious one which works on implementing a national and civilized academic project.

The University of Kalamoon is the desired destination for students. It is deeply rooted in our homeland. Having high standards, it benefits fromstories of success of the world's prestigious universities. It is a University that has provided all reasons for success and excellence. Since its inception, the University has been keen to attract distinguished teaching staff and providea fertile learning environment. It has incorporated improved curricula and modern methods of teaching. In doing so, the University seeks toapply comprehensive quality standards and promote them in various fields of the educational and administrative processes.

The University of Kalamoon endeavors to provide society with distinguished graduates capable of standing firmly on the global arena in the age of globalization and competition in the field of higher studies and the labor market. It is aware of the rapid changes in the world and many innovations in the world of science and technology as well as their impact on the development of higher education. The University is also aware of the fact that modernization requires adopting qualitative academic development strategies that reflect the strategies of development and modernization in the twenty-first century. Achieving this depends on openness to international higher education, concluding cooperation agreements with prestigious international universities, and promotion of scientific research and higher studies. In addition, this depends on recognizing the changes and developments in the labor market and various governmental and private institutions, and monitoring the large gap between what students learn in class and the experience required when they try to enter fields of work. This will provide an important reference for the continuous development of the education system and curricula, and the development of teaching methods in line with the latest information technology and its applications. In order to achieve this, the University always aspires to prepare its students to have balanced personalities as its attention is focused on academic knowledge skills, and on talents and creative potential. Therefore, it has established various student societies and entrusted their management and activities to students themselves, which provides them the spirit of initiative, participation, responsibility and belonging to the homeland and the world of good and creativity.

As we embark on a new academic year, and as our country is recovering from its ordeal and raising the banner of victory, we have every hope that you participate in the journey of reconstruction and building individuals who are confident in their homeland and their capabilities and well informed about the latest achievements of science and technology and how to best customize them to serve this journey. To achieve this, we all - administrators, academics and students -need to have a sincere will, constant efforts and hard work for the banner of the university to stay highly raised in the world of glory and excellence.


We aspire to reach glory with knowledge and science

May our dear country, Syria, be prosperousevery new academic year