University’s Facilities:
The Main University Building encompasses:
University Presidency and Administration Offices
Student Reception, Registration and Services Hall
“The Big Auditorium” with a 500-attendee capacity where major events, academic, and cultural activities take place
“The Small Auditorium” with a 180-attendee capacity
“Al-Manhal Lecture Hall” with a capacity of 50 attendees
“Ambassadors Hall” for conferences with a capacity of 60 participants
70 lecture halls with a capacity of 50 students each.
Engineering, Computer, and Applied Arts laboratories totaling 21 in number
Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Health Sciences Lab Building, comprising 39 labs in total. That is in addition to two modern dental clinics.
Central Library, study hall, and computer workstations
Media Center
Engineering facilities, computer networking and communication systems

Student Dormitories
Dormitories for male students
Dormitories for female students
There are 17 housing units; three of which are off-campus. Each unit consists of four or six floors with a total capacity of 2,500 students from both genders. There are 28 male and 16 female supervisors for these units. All the units are fully furnished with amenities, alarm systems, and communications

Other on-campus buildings
The Masjid with a capacity of 1000 worshipers
A fully-equipped refectory with a capacity of 1,000 students
Kalamoon Outdoor Amphitheater  with a capacity of 2,500 attendees
A sports facility, and outdoor playgrounds
Engineering Studies Building and Al-Nibras Company headquarters

In addition to:
A natural  reserve featuring ducks, ostriches, and horses
University Bookshop for stationary supplies, and other student needs
Plans are currently underway to establish a big shopping mall, a large central library, and to expand the University buildings and student dormitories