"READ!" is a divine epistle to judicious people. With the faith that knowledge is the noble means for building Man; the will of an enlightened group of Kalamoon people who trust in Nation and Knowledge, under the motto (Nations Advance By Knowledge). They collaborated to establish the first company in Syria, under the name of Al-Nibras, aiming to create found a private university. That took place on July 9th 2002. A year later, and under the Presidential Decree 293, the Private University of Kalamoon was established that would be the primer significant event in the higher education history in Syria.


That could not occur without patience and industrious exertion made by the company's founders; i.e. to see the outcome of their efforts incarnated by a university which is the gem of the country universities where the binary of faith and love collaborated to build it; faith in knowledge and love of the nation. Seeking such a target, the efforts of a group of engineers, technicians and workers combined to make a wonderful team till the dream came true. Thus, they start constructing building-by-building; and the University scope began to widen under the eyes of its students. The University had grown along with them till it became a small town promising of welfare with the efforts of its staff for the sake of our dear students.

The company runs all the utilities annexed to the University, and provide them with what is demanded to best secure the educational process. Among these utilities are the students' dormitory and teachers' and executives' dwelling where the hotel rooms have counted 1800 to accommodate some two thousand student. Moreover, more than two hundred hotel apartments have been allocated for the teachers and executives inside and outside the campus. The students' and executives' accommodation and its ancillary services have been an important factor that distinguished the University. Furthermore, this, in turn, has been an attractive element to a large segment of the children of expatriates because they feel tranquil about their children inside the campus. Furthermore, the students' rooms were equipped with a private bathroom, hot water, central heating, and an adequate set of kitchens, internet services, telephone etc. As well, all the fifteen buildings are served with durable maintenance and permanent cleanup. There are, also, round-the-clock supervisors who take care of any request and deal with any emergency.


Nevertheless, the company renders transportation for the students, teachers and staff, and provided –for that purpose- a set of modern buses outfitted with the best amenities and driven by drivers with long experience.

The company runs the central restaurant which is three thousand square meter wide and contains more than 1200 chair. It uptime serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with affordable prices and maintains the high nutrition value.

The Company has already built the necessary utilities in order to improve and consolidate all the departments and faculties of the educational institution. For such a purpose, it built educational building divided into fully equipped halls, auditoriums and labs; besides the central library that contains one thousand student and reader and equipped with classical reading tables and outfitted with more than one hundred and fifty computers for electronic reading.

The Company has built and a three- thousand-spectator amphitheatre where the different events and graduation annual ceremonies are organized. In addition, the company constructed the Sports City which contains a football gridiron, and other basketball, volleyball and tennis playgrounds, in addition to an indoor auditorium including courts for basketball, shot putting, weightlifting and aerobics. The Company has also built a mosque that centers the educational buildings and the University Housing City.

In completion of the educational process and accomplishing the accreditation requirements for the Faculty of Medicine, the Company build the University Hospital which has become the clinical reference hospital for the students of Medicine and the secure resort for patient people of the area. This hospital includes a general and Arthroscopic Surgery section and departments for Cardiology, Urology, Thoracic Surgery, Gynecological Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery; and also sections for Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, etc. The Hospital was also equipped with a radiography section which includes and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) division, Axial Tomography (CT Scan/CAT Scan) and other Echo- systems. Also, the Catheter Section has been equipped with the best world systems. Furthermore, there are the Outpatient Clinics Section, General Lab., Anatomical Pathology Lab., Surgeries Section containing eight full-equipped surgical operating theatres, in addition to the Ambulance and Central Pharmacy, Nutrition Clinic and Physiotherapy Section. These sections and divisions have been outfitted with all the necessary medical and serviceable equipments in accordance with the basics and principles defined by both Ministry of Health and Ministry of Higher Education. The relevant Arabian and International requirements were also adopted in this regards.

With its full capacity, Al-Nibras Company has still been the permanent supporter of the University and its utilities in completion of the prominent in education and man-building.