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Faculty of Media & Applied Arts

The Faculty always seeks to graduate professionals, and not just designers. The Faculty is currently setting up plans for fashion design, a unique area to be found only at the UoK, in addition to carrying out field trips, and participating in other cultural and artistic events and activities. It also tries to strengthen close ties with local, Arab, and foreign faculties of fine and applied arts, as well as to tie academia with practice.

Faculty of Media & Applied Arts
The Faculty organized its first exhibition of paintings and manual skills for the UoK students.

The Faculty is planning to conclude agreements with: the Faculty of Fine Arts / Damascus University (Syria), the Faculty of Fine Arts / University of Halwan (Egypt) and Higher Institute of Applied Arts/ University of 6th October (Egypt).

The Faculty is about to accede to membership of the "Mediterranean Cultural Exchange” (Echanges Culturels en Mediterranee--ECUME).
Faculty of Media & Applied Arts
This Faculty comprises the following specialized departments:
  • Interior Design (Decoration)
  • Graphic Design (Visual Communication)

It is also planning to establish the following specializations in the future:
  • Animation
  • Fashion Design
  • Media (Communication Art: Film and Video Productions and Advertising)

The Faculty's facilities are:
  • three drawing rooms
  • one Samples Room
  • labs and workshops (under construction)
Faculty of Media & Applied Arts
After a 4-year academic period, provided that the student successfully completes 132 credit hours at least, and on a proposal advanced by the Faculty of Media and Applied Arts in one of the above mentioned specializations, a bachelor’s degree in Media and Applied Arts is awarded.