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PostHeaderIcon Faculty of Applied Sciences


Faculty of Applied Sciences

Studying has begun in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and its Computer Science Department since the establishment of the Private University of Kalamoon in 2003. The Faculty teaches theoretical courses in mathematics, physics, biotechnology and chemistry to the University faculties. It also opens its labs equipped with in style scientific instrumentations to all students of scientific, engineering and applied sciences and always seeks to develop the theoretical and scientific curricula to keep up with the scientific developments.

Faculty of Applied Sciences

The Faculty aims at building a society with sustainable scientific structure and eminent scientific level, and at graduating students with high educational standard, the matter that provides him with a wide horizon for development and progress. This adds to the Faculty permanent endeavor to achieve the highest level of interaction and coordination between the college and all the other colleges in the University on one hand and with the local and international organizations and institutions of common interest on the other hand.

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Upon a suggestion of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, the Private University of Kalamoon, the License Degree in Computer Sciences after a 4-years academic period. A student is requested to pass one hundred and thirty accredited hours. The Department of Computer Science teaches the academic curricula accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, and the student at this department can specify in one of the following majors: artificial intelligence – software engineering – computer information systems – computer and internet networks.

Faculty of Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Sciences includes the following departments:

  1. Department of Applied Mathematics.
  2. Department of Applied and Medical Physics.
  3. Department of Biotechnology.
  4. Department of Chemistry.
  5. Department of Computer Science.

The Faculty offers its scientific services to the majority of students at the Private University of Kalamoon as briefly clarified below:

  1. Department of Mathematics which teaches twenty two course to the students of Medicine, Applied and Engineering Science, and Business Administration.
  2. Department of Physics which teaches the medical physics to the students of Human Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nutrition besides the courses of Physics (1) and Physics (2) to the students of Engineering Sciences. The department includes more than twenty five scientific experiments supporting and linked to the theoretical section.
  3. Department of Biotechnology which supervises teaching of the biology course with its different majors to the students of medical sciences on the theoretical level, in addition to the lectures and scientific experiments in two labs equipped with in style outfits and microscopic slides, besides testing the biological samples, body-anatomizing for mammals and amphibians
  4. Department of Chemistry which is concerned with teaching the general and organic chemistry to the students of medical sciences. It includes two laboratories equipped with the latest apparatuses to fulfill the practical experiments.
  5. Department of Computer Sciences which teaches twenty course to the students of applied and engineering sciences and business administration, in addition to eight scientific laboratories to teach about programming, operational systems, artificial intelligence, software engineering; and it provides the students with the internet service.