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Faculty of Business and Management

The Faculty of Business and Management was established by virtue of decree no 293 on 18 August 2003 which officially decreed the founding of the University of Kalamoon. The Faculty started operating on 02 October 2003 and it has graduated a total of 633 students in different specializations. Its graduates have already started to assume administrative positions and careers

Faculty of Business and Management

The mission of the Faculty of Business and Management at the University of Kalamoon revolves around the following two points:

1- equipping graduates with the adequate level of qualification and training to meet the modern requirements of the various specializations at the Faculty

2- achieving excellence in community service through training and qualification of pioneering human resources in all aspects of administrative work and equipping them with the necessary linguistic and computer skills to meet the requirements of modern management

Faculty of Business and Management

The Faculty of Business and Management consists of the following academic departments:

1- Management Department

2- Marketing Department

3- Management Information Systems Department

4- Finance and Banking Department

5- Tourism and Hotel Management Department

6- Electronic Business Department

Planned Departments

The Faculty will restructure its programs following a new syllabus as follows:

· Management Department: including the following sections:

1- Management

2- Human Resources Management

3- Marketing

4- Management Information Systems

5- Management of Production Processes

6- Tourism and Hotel Management

7- Electronic Business

·  Finance and Banking Department

·  Accounting Department

Faculty of Business and Management

The Faculty has set the following goals for itself:

1.graduating administrative staff capable of assuming leading positions in private and public institutions and providing them with up-to-date knowledge and advanced skills to contribute to development and progress

2.equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve productivity in various economic sectors

3.upgrading the educational process and ensuring an interactive environment in which teaching, research, training, upgrading skills and practical application are integrated so that the graduate’s experience is enhanced

4.upgrading the expertise of administrative staff in the public and private sectors through encouraging lifelong and continuous learning programs and courses

5.encouraging research and publishing and broadening the knowledge base of the teaching staff

6.contributing to bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical reality through using educational programs which meet contemporary requirements in the fields of business and management

7.cooperating with international universities to set up joint academic programs which are compatible with the standards of those universities particularly in higher studies

Faculty of Business and Management

Based on the recommendations of the Faculty Council, the University awards the following academic degrees:

-  Bachelor in Business Administration- Management

- Bachelor in Business Administration- Marketing

- Bachelor in Business Administration- Management Information     Systems

- Bachelor in Business Administration- Finance and Banking

- Bachelor in Tourism and Hotel Management

          - Bachelor in Electronic Business