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Faculty of International Relations

The Faculty of Diplomatic Science and International Relations at the University of Kalamoon is the first in Syria which offers academic and specialized courses in diplomatic science and international relations. In this context, the faculty seeks to graduate human resources who are academically and practically qualified to work in the service of our society and homeland both locally and abroad. Graduates should be able to defend national causes and interests, duly represent the state in diplomatic and international relations, strive for the fulfillment of national and ban-national goals and work for various international organizations.

The faculty uses the credit-hour system. The bachelor program consists of /132/ credit hours distributed over a minimum of four and a maximum of seven academic years with two mandatory semesters and an optional summer term. The syllabus includes two discrete pathways: international relations and diplomatic sciences.

The syllabus involves mandatory and optional courses which enable students to choose –within their field of study- the courses suitable for their tendencies and academic abilities. This opens up new horizons for scientific research in the future. Further, students are required to submit a graduation research (graduation project) addressing an original topic based on the academic content which they have studied in the faculty under the supervision of a faculty teaching staff member. The student would then be examined before an academic panel in an open discussion in light of which they are assessed.

A student who accomplishes /132/ credit hours with a ‘pass’ grade or above receives a bachelor’s degree in diplomatic science and international relations. The granted degree is duly certified and equivalent to degrees granted by public universities in Syria.

Faculty of International Relations

The Faculty of Diplomatic Science and International Relations seeks excellence in learning, teaching, scientific research and community service in the field of diplomatic science and international relations. For that purpose, the faculty seeks to qualify national cadres proud of their Arab identity and capable of facing the challenges of the twenty first century, seizing the opportunity to achieve progress in an open, plural and changing world and contributing to the sustainable human development and the national progress of our nation.

Faculty of International Relations

The Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy includes the following departments:

1.Department of International Relations.

2.Department of Assistant Sciences.

Faculty of International Relations

The Private University of Kalamoon, upon a decision of the University Council based upon a suggestion from the Faculty Council, awards the License Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy.

Faculty of International Relations

1. To develop a scholastic plan harmonious with the Arab environment and the labor market demands, and to raise curricula pertinent to shaping the Arab identity of the student and preserving it.

2.To provide our students with scientific reservoir of science, knowledge and transformable skills to help them in confronting the twenty first century’s challenges and seizing its opportunities.

3.To qualify national specialized cadres aware of region and the world issues and able to actively deal with them on skillful and educational basics.

4.To contribute to developing the shaping of the Arab identity and the pride of belonging to it thru manifesting the rank and civilizational role of Arabs, and to highlight the humanitarian civilization and heritage they offered the world besides the contributions of the Arab heritage and its thought system in the field of international relations. This is in order to inspire and understand the Arab history in order to attain patterns that help in understanding the contemporary reality.

5.To support the labor market with specialized cadres in the field of international relations, especially in the field of diplomatic and consular career and working with the international organizations, research centers and private companies and establishments.

6.To develop a distinct faculty in the field of international relations in Syria and the Arab region seeking, within the methodology of interlaced and multiple fields of knowledge approach, to focus on the international relations without neglecting the influence of other assistant sciences in building the noetic and proficient aspect of the student.

7.To promote the scientific research culture in the area of international relations.

8.To enhance the academic cooperation with the local, regional and world faculties and departments of international relations and diplomacy thru concluding exchange agreements of students and faculty staff; and to establish a joint academy to link the students with all the new developments in the field of international relations.

9. Linking the Faculty with the society through:

1.To organize lectures, seminars, conferences, specialized workshops and scientific trips relevant to the Faculty competency.

2.To stimulate the students to organize scientific researches and activities relevant to the society issues in order to develop knowledge and to help in understanding, analyzing and predicting and reaching noetic patterns in the field of international relations.

3.To cooperate with a number of official institutions and international organizations working in the country to accomplish training courses for students.

4.To host distinct cadres in various fields of knowledge to help in spreading the illuminating thought to serve the Faculty objectives and helps in refining our students’ talents and their intellectual capabilities and developing the tenement of criticism and analysis at them.