University Requirements Unit

1- refining students language skills in terms of using standard Arabic, active listening, functional writing, article analysis, in addition to other thinking and imagination skills in Arabic

2- equipping students with speaking, active listening, functional writing and reading comprehension in English to help them succeed in their academic life and engage in the labor market

3- introducing students to the motor and physiological functions of body systems and the principles of healthy diet and improving their physical fitness through practicing individual and group sport activities

4- acquainting students with some human sciences (psychology/ history/ ecology/ sociology/ basics of management/ logic…etc) and teaching them a third international language in order to master the elements of the third culture in which the sciences and humanities are intertwined to create balanced personalities

5- introducing students to the basic concepts of computer sciences, computer components, input, output and storing devices and practically training them to use the following programs: Windows XP, Word, Power Point, Outlook

6- equipping students with self-learning skills, the necessary communication skills to use the different information sources (library/ internet/ periodicals) and higher-order cognitive skills including thinking, analysis, deduction and assessment without spoon feeding, memorization and repetition 

In order to fulfill the abovementioned goals, the courses of the Requirements Unit fall into two categories: mandatory courses and optional courses.