University’s Facilities:
learning and success, the University of Kalamoon has paid special heed to student housing. In its incessant efforts to meet student demands, the University has recruited some of the best experts to build dormitories according to highly refined architectural standards, equipping them with fire alarms and smoke detectors, as well as 24/7 security cameras to provide safety and security.


Types of Housing Accommodation
  • Type:I: single room with a bathroom
  • TypeII: two separate rooms (Suite) with a shared bathroom
  • Type III: a whole wing
  • Type IV: rooms for students with special needs
  • Type V: three separate bedrooms with a shared bathroom
All rooms are fully furnished with amenities and services meeting student demands. Internet access and phone service are also provided.
Shared utilities include kitchens, electrical equipment, a common room with a TV, and elevators. Central heating and hot water are provided year-round.
Prices cover the two academic semesters, including a free summer semester. However, signing up for only one semester does not entitle the student for free accommodation in the Summer Semester.
  • Housing fees may vary according to the year of matriculation.
  • Students are not issued a key to their rooms unless full payment is remitted.
  • A 3000 Syrian pound charge for changing rooms is accrued, although such provision is available for a limited time set by the housing administration.
Students apply for housing, and approval is given to freshers as a priority, because they are required to live on campus. Second priority is given to Non-Syrian and foreign students, then to senior students from remote areas. Approval is given based on the distance of their areas, cities, or towns, from the University whereby preference is given to those from remote provinces or governates, then to those from nearby areas.
Student housing is supervised by staff members holding university degrees. They are available 24/7 to serve the students and provide security for them. It is the University’s top concern to avail students with a comfortable and secure environment conducive to learning.
It has always been the University’s major goals t to accommodate the highest number of its students. There are currently 17 such units available with a capacity of over 2,500 male and female students in total, and demand for housing is in on the rise. To that end, serious plans are currently underway to build more units

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