University’s Facilities:

It is an integrated medical city which was established to complete the great project – i.e. the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kalamoon – and to be an ideal place and a specialist hospital. It is the most important hospital among the private educational sector hospitals for both the engineering aspects and construction and the medical equipment conforming to the highest international standards. The Medical City Hospital is keen on attracting the highest efficient medical doctors, nurses and technicians of all specialties to work around the clock.

The hospital is seeking to open new departments specialized in renal transplantation, organ transplant, human fertilization… etc.

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Departments of Medical City Hospital

Outpatient Department:

It includes the clinics of all main specialties, sub-specialties and specific specialties equipped with the latest diagnostic tools under the supervision of specialist doctors. These clinics are:

- Neurosurgery Clinic.

- Orthopedic Surgery Clinic.

- General Surgery Clinic.

- Cardiac Surgery Clinic.

- Vascular Surgery Clinic.

- Urology Clinic.

- Internal Medicine Clinic.

- Cardiac Clinic.

- Gastroenterology Clinic.

- Endocrinology and Diabetes Clinic.

- Neurology Clinic.

- Hematology Clinic.

- Kidney Disease Clinic.

- Dermatology Clinic

- Diseases of the Joints Clinic.

- Ophthalmic Clinic.

- Otolaryngology Clinic.

- Gynecology Clinic.

- Pediatric Clinic.

- Dental Clinic.

- Family and Community Medicine Clinic.

- Infectious Diseases Clinic.


- Nutrition Counseling Centre:

The centre gives nutritional counseling for inpatients and outpatients, prepares nutrition programs for interested people and develops therapeutic diet for the following cases:

- Diet for losing or gaining weight with sports sessions.

- Special diet for patients with diabetes.

- Special diet for patients with heart diseases.

- Special diet for patients with renal failure.

- Following up pregnant and breast-feeding mothers’ nutrition.

• Medical Imaging Department:

The devices of medical imaging department are distinguished by optimal and high imaging accuracy. They are:

1 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI 1.5 Tesla high-field, equipped with multi- scanner program (neurological, vascular and cardiac) and breast screening programs.

2 - Computed Axial Tomography CAT multi-slice, 64 slices, for cardiac, vascular, three-dimensional and traditional studies.

3 – Cardiac, vascular and fourth-dimensional colored Echo Doppler.

4 – Simple and shady imaging.

5 - Digital Mamugrav.

6 - Digital subtraction angiography DSA Unit.

• Specific Laboratory Department:

The specific laboratory includes the following departments:

-         Department of Hematology.

-         Department of Chemistry.

-         Department of Hormones.

-         Department of Blood Chapels.

-         Department of Bacteriology.

-         Department of Pathological Anatomy.

This department is of utmost importance in the hospital because it carries out all laboratory tests including almost all specific analyses around the clock for inpatients and outpatients. It is worth mentioning that the medical laboratory is equipped with many high-tech devices. 

• Central Pharmacy:

The central pharmacy is considered a vital section of the Medical City because it ensures all high-quality, locally-manufactured and imported medicines. It also meets the needs of all patients, inpatients and outpatients, around the clock. The pharmacy has an automated system for storing the basic data of medicines and prices.

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• Surgical Operations Unit:

This Unit includes eight operation rooms. They are:

1 – Room of Orthopedic and Neurological Surgery: It serves all cases of neurological and orthopedic surgery, and is equipped with the latest orthopedic devices such as C-Arm device and accessories of installing the orthopedic table and neurological devices such as Cosa (Kapetro), water cutter, and neurological microscope.

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2 – Room of General Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy: It serves all cases of general surgery and is equipped with the latest devices of endoscopy such as the high-quality and advanced STORZ devices with HD resolution imaging, LEGASHORE device and a water cutter.


3 – Room of Urinary Surgery and Endoscopy: STORZ and lithotripsy devices are used with the aim of serving all traditional, modern and laparoscopic surgeries.

4 – Room of Eye and Ear Surgery: It is equipped with Phaco, laser, coagulation devices and an eye surgery microscope in order to perform all eye surgical operations. It is noteworthy that in this same room rhinoplasy, endoscopic sinus and other specific surgeries are performed. These surgeries include cochlear implant, mastoid, otosclerosis and tonsillectomy.

5 – Room of Cardiac Surgery: It serves all operations of open-heart surgery, mitral valve replacement, various coronary artery bypass surgery, aortic dissection, aortic ballooning. This room is equipped with the devices of aortic ballooning, artificial heart, blood gas and patient heating. The staff is of high-quality expertise and applies the terms of infection control.

6 – Two surgical rooms in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

7 – Room of Ambulatory Surgery in Emergency Department.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Unit:

This unit is equipped with the most advanced devices of video endoscopy. In this unit, the following procedures are performed: gastroscopy, intestinal endoscopy, colonoscopy, extraction of a foreign object, eradication of polyps, cholangiography, pancreas imaging, bleeding ulcers treatment, expanding digestive system contractions, cirsodesis, cirsenchysis and diagnostic bronchoscopy.

• Intensive Care Unit:

This unit includes 13 high-equipped rooms in which a distinguished and specialist medical staff works around the clock as well as the expert and trained nursing staff who holds postgraduate degrees. As far as the devices of this unit are concerned, they are very advanced such as artificial ventilators, cardiac monitoring devices, electric shock devices and anesthesia and recovery devices. All of that makes the Intensive Care Unit in the Medical City one of the most distinguished intensive units across Syria.


• Obstetrics and Gynecology Department:

The Medical City Hospital includes the department of obstetrics and gynecological surgery: open and endoscopic. This department is equipped with the latest devices, beds and equipment to ensure safe and easy childbirth.

Services provided in the department are:

·        Delivery without pain under the supervision of experienced specialists.

·        Treatment of problems of puberty in girls.

·        Treatment of the menstrual cycle disorders and menopause lesions.

·        Early detection of tumors of women and following up all matters relating to the development of the disease.

Competent Staff of the Department:

·        Medical consultants of pediatrics to examine the newborn child and assess the process of development and growth of the child from the moment of birth.

·        A nursing team with high scientific and practical competencies.

It is noteworthy that the department has a 4D ultrasound imaging device, an incubator department which provides the best medical services for newborns and premature infants through advanced equipment such as modern incubators, phototherapy devices and mechanical ventilation as well as the medical care under the supervision of a distinguished medical and nursing staff.

• Ambulance and Emergency Unit:

This unit has been established as per scientific principles, includes modern medical equipment which meets international standards and has a medical staff specialized in emergency medicine and an integrated nursing staff specialized in ambulatory works. It also includes a specific room for clinical examination, ambulatory operating room, supervising room, ambulatory intensive care room equipped with the latest devices starting with the electrical syringe and ending with the mechanical ventilation device.

The world-class ambulance car is ready around the clock to transport patients to and from the Medical City Hospital. Its crew consists of a driver, a doctor and a nurse trained to transport patients. The car is equipped with the latest equipment such as a mobile electric shock device, mobile monitor, mobile ventilator, fixed and mobile device of secretions suction and devices for fastening patients with multiple fractures in addition to the first aid bag.

• Physical Therapy Department:

The distinguished staff of this department deals with all cases of physical therapy such as massage and the automated cervical and vertebrae lumbales traction as well as exercise programs of kinetic range, stretching, strengthening, endurance, fitness, balance and proprioception. All of that is done through surface and deep temperature devices, cryotherapy and therapies using paraffin wax and therapeutic electrical currents.

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