University Of Kalamoon
 nabil albatal  

Message from the University of Kalamoon President; Professor Dr. Nabil Na'im Al-Battal

If Hope Does Not Prevail,

Works Will Fail

It is my pleasure that nice days have led me to the Private University of Kalamoon Presidency before the beginning of academic year 2014-2015. This University settles in Deir Attiyah, a small beautiful city, which had been my childhood domicile for more than four decades.

Seeing a lofty well-established university makes me feel proud, superior and warmly affiliated. How sapient and keen were those fathers who searched and scrutinized and then chose for their sons Al-Kalamoon bosoms as a university, and Deir Attiyah as a haven; seeking knowledge with the University family. Here, the poet's verse comes true:

This minaret's goodness is for every soul *** as graceful as parterres odourising all.

I'd like to say to the noble gentry... Your sons are in our trust; they belong to a dear homeland and with them we build its sublimity. So, they are kept under our full care in terms of persistent teaching, consulting, reviving ambition for knowledge, good manners and diligence.

To my student sons...; I'd tell you after reminding you to the poet's verse:

Knowledge constructs too high *** whilst ignorance destructs too high

I am glad to do my best in order to provide you with the requirements of effectual learning such as the best academics, the fairest instruments and laboratories, most beneficial books and libraries and the scientific connection with sources of knowledge. Moreover, I would like to collaborate with you in order to maximize your scientific level and make the University acquire its reputation which you can proud of after graduation. That reputation would be gained thru its scientific level, well conduct of its students, their self-sophistication, seriousness in works and words, time well management, loyalty to their University, quality of their skills, high morality and love to their homeland and competition for its sublimity and superiority.

To the University family, I hope I am your utmost beneficial... to march with our University towards disdaining wounds, overstepping the obstacles and overcoming difficulties. That could be only realized by unity of hearts, hand in hand, love of work and benevolence and thought harmony. We ought to commit ourselves to the requirements of superiority, fidelity to our leading institution and cooperation in team spirit because we have a noble mission, a hard duty, a long way; and there is nothing to please our hearts except for our collaborative success.

The most worthy value I advise myself, my kin, the students and the University family to undertake is constructive criticism. There is nothing more eminent than critical thought, error-analysis to be a useful lesson and to correct any awry way. So, kindly do not hesitate to have your say, and remember what Al-Mutanabi quote:

"Discretion is the better part of valor."

I wish the parents to feel tranquil with their sons. I wish my student sons and the University family, academics and adminstratives to have peace of mind and success in their honest endeavors. I wish our dear homeland to pass by strife and soundly recover soonest.