Overview of the Club

As the Private University of Kalamoon accustomed to be salient in all fields, the University Presidency and Management have provided persistent support persistent support to its graduates in order to the alumni in order to establish an Alumni Club which has been the first Alumni Club in the Syrian private universities ever.

It is a social development and entertainment non-profit club concluding graduates from all faculties. A board of directors elected by the graduates runs the club which includes multiple subsidiary committees endeavoring to organize the club work.


The Club Goals:

·To organize the alumni ranks as a form of societal organization in order to specially contribute to promoting the University performance; and to take part in developing the Syrian society in general thru fortifying, strengthening and conducting the links and ties among alumni. That includes alumni inside and outside Syria.

· Strengthening the ties and corroborating the communication between the University and its alumni.

· To involve the alumni in upgrading the University efficiency and performance in order to harmonize the alumni stratum, the local development requirements and the variable labor market demands.

· To pursue the alumni statuses and affairs and to aid them in educe the suitable solutions for their problems.

· To build closer relations with clubs, associations and forums inside and outside Syria.

· To link the University of Kalamoon alumna with the Syrian society in general and especially with the Kalamoon territory thru organizing and holding cultural, scientific, social, sports and artistic events.


The Club Activities:

· To organize, with the Club various committees, the cultural, social, scientific, sports and artistic activities by representing the University in all events inside and outside Syria.

· To search for the physical sources in order to support the Club fund via the various activities and to participate in supporting students to complete their learning career.

· To organize an annual day for alumni and to invite all the graduates of all faculties in order to interlink the graduates with each other.

· To communicate and coordinate with the various institutions for organizing scientific and cultural events in order to improve knowledge, and to actually  contribute to developing the local community and deepening the spirit of citizenship.

· To organize various seminars and forums that aim at enhancing the sense of social responsibility; where it raise conscious and increase interactivity with the society and local and global market.

· To organize entertainment activities and journeys aiming at deepening the interrelations among alumni.

· To cooperate with Human Resources Department in the University to establish a data base including adequate information about all alumni such as: addresses, work conditions, scientific and professional activities. Besides, these data shall be available online to be easily accessed by the relevant companies, factories and institutions.